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Therapy in VR

Bloo Project




UX/ UI Designer



Project Overview

iphone 12 pro in hand free mockup.png

This proposed application will help Crohn’s and Colitis patients to manage their disease properly and make daily life convenient. They can document and track the activity of their disease, bowel movement, and even lifestyle activity so that their attending physician can check their patients’ status. Furthermore, they can easily reach out to experts with the same disease and the app offers nearby restrooms as well.

Aims and Goal

People with inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) suffer a variety of symptoms, so this app can navigate their
individual circumstances(physically, mentally) depending on their specific symptom profiles without any costs.

Target Audience

Prople who have Crohn's and UC

Market Research

I performed market research before I start app designing to see the opportunity in the real world.

I found there are some different types of applications that help people to take care of their bowel disease, but they are usually hard to use since they have too many functions in one app. 


Oshi App

Bowelle App

User Research

After market research, I did user interview  and made persona base on user interview. 

What I found during the research was that he needs something that help him to find public restroom during he's outside because he never knows when he wants to go to restoom. Also, he wants to track his symptom using application everyday. 

TherapyVR_Presentation Document.001.jpeg

After that, I decide to set my final solution which are tracking symptom, and finding public restrooms.

Based on market and user research, I illustrate user story.

1. Tracking System

TherapyVR_Presentation Document.002.jpeg

2. Finding Restroom System

TherapyVR_Presentation Document.001
Style Guide

 I designed a style guide to make my app more consistent and clean. 

Style Guide-1.jpg
Style Guide-2.jpg
Low-Fidelity (Wireframe)

I designed low-fi prototype to see overall user flow. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 9.59.24 AM.png
High-Fidelity (Wireframe)

Based on low-fi prototype, I put more details and more functions after user testing. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 9.59.46 AM.png
Final Design
iphone mockup.png

Feature 1. Self-Tracking 

Users can document and track their bowel activity, movement, and even life style.

iphone mockup1.png

Feature 2. Public Restroom Map

Whenever they want to go to restroom, users can easily find nearby public restroom using app.

iphone mockup2.png
iphone mockup3.png

Feature 3. Ask Expert 

Users can ask expert anytime and also they can see others questions and replies as well. 


By doing this project, I learned how to understand users and finding solution better. It was first time to work on project something related to health and it was quite interesting and learned a lot. I asked my persona to test this prototype and he liked a lot and hope he can use in his real life. 

Overall I satisfied my project result and hope I can develop this someday.

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