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Shipping Address Optimization




UX/ UI Designer


Optimize spacing and positioning of the shipping address on the review page so as to increase real estate for payment selection.

Create scalable solutions for shipping address so as to incorporate shipping address normalization and shipping method selection in future ramps.

Optimizations are to be made for both mobile, desktop, SPBs, and all other integrations.


Checkout Team at PayPal

(Removed) Preferred shipping address.jpg

Phase 1 : Optimization (Short-term): Spacing of shipping address

Phaes 2 : Optimization (Long-term): Positioning of shipping address & Incorporation of shipping method selection and shipping address normalization.

What's Current Flow?

Need to think about the current flow situation and check the goals to see how can I update and improve this design.

Possible improvements?

- Is the checkbox option necessary?

- How can I make it a better position?

- Better optimization

- Possible to shorten the long address or name?

Preferred shipping address.jpg

1. Element Positioning  -  By re-positioning the shipping elements, we can have extra spaces

2. Shorten name and address - shorten the address and name are good for optimization

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 5.38.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 5.38.40 PM.png
unnamed (2).png

also, I also worked with content team for this project since we wanted to replace the content as well.

Usually it took couple of hours but if the content doesn't match, we needed to discuss about it for better outcome. Before the review, content manager and I pick 3-4 options and bring it to the review meeting to confirm the final ones. 

Final Design

After gets approval from review meeting, need to prepare hand-off file to engineer. 

Of course, need check frequently during the build process and also final review before publish it.

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