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TRACOM Project


May 2017


UX/ UI Designer



Project Overview


TRACOM offers an efficient BMS/ BIS solution(T-Bus) for innovative technologies and sustainable traffic. TRACOM's software and device for public transport is a world-class solution that guarantees a complete and ideal solution for your organization.

Aims and Goal

T-BUS(T-Passenger, T-Driver, T-Center) is aimed at improving convenience for passengers, the efficiency of bus transportation companies and public transportation services, preventing inefficient and irregular bus operation.

Functionality (T-BUS, T-Center)
  • Data Collecting Module

  • Processing Module

  • Provision Module

  • Scheduling and Dispatching module

  • Reports and Statistics Module

  • Operation Module and Management Module

  • Integration Module

  • Web/ Mobile Module




T-Drive is a device that collect bus location and chronological data using GPS and wireless data network, and the self-diagnosis result and unforeseen situation data of each module. 

T- Passenger is a device that provides the expected bus arrival information to users. 

User Research

During 8 years of using previous bus navigation, we received thousands of complaints from bus drivers and we found out that there are some technical and visual issue, so we decided to work on redesign overall design and functions. 

First, our target persona is a bus driver who cannot use the machine properly, so we tried to understand their difficulties and situation that they feel uncomfortable so that we can create better interaction.




Empathy Map

Design Changes

Based on users' experience, and researches, we designed overall T-Bus display. 

In order to satisfy the target user, remove some unnecessary features and change several texts using different weights, size, and color.

Final Design
Hightlight main features
Remove unnecessary texts and put only main texts such as stops, and times, also using vivid color and font weight to highlight them.
Easy to understand
By using larger and new icons for buses and stop sign, user can have better understand. 

This is one of the projects that I worked on when I was in TRACOM. Through this project, we were able to communicate with users who are bus drivers, and learned how to go through the problem from their perspective. After update all the device display, we got positive feedback from drivers and less complaints. 

Also, updated T-Bus has better interaction between the T-Passenger since there are less features, so they use less data and errors. 

It was very successful result, but there is no perfect design, so we tried to keep track users' satisfaction and painpoints to make them superior. 

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